The Girls Support Girls Project coordinates the donations of clothing and school supplies for the girls at a Bolivian orphanage. We are currently working to get new computers for them because their lack of modern infrastructure. I believe this effort will allow them to acquire precious resources, so difficult for them to obtain. 


Also, the Girls Support Girls Project has helped the residents of the "San Francisco Hogar", by providing them with donations of other useful school supplies and clothing which their limited funding limits. Hopefully, the computers we plan to donate will last for a good while, and will assist them in reaching new goals. During our Summer visit to Bolivia, we also provided the orphans with English and Science classes to help broaden their education.

The lasting impact of these projects is the increased motivation, of the teenagers and children involved, in all things related to education. We want them to know that education is vital for a better life and for society. They can now take steps towards progress that will help them throughout their entire life.

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