Teachers, Tutors, and College Students

If you are a teacher, tutor, or college student and want to donate your time to make a difference in the life of a high school student, contact us saying so and tell us when you're available to help. It is not a requirement to live in Miami, FL, as all the tutoring sessions are done online, through Skype.


If you choose to lend your aid, your job will be to revise the essays of student's applications to colleges/universities and scholarships. The only prerequisite that we require is your resume, so that our committee can approve it. 

Contact us at

High School Students

Students in high school, who are in 11th and 12th grade and live in Miami, FL , have the opportunity to participate in events for community service hours.


Since we have many free educational events in different public libraries, students who want to participate should send us their contact information. Once approved by our committee, parents must sign a consent form for their children to partake in our activities. 

Contact us at

Other Donations

We usually prefer donations in time, rather than money. However, if you want to help us to hire tutors, you can contact us at


Ana Jaramillo

Director of Development

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